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Share our company pay-per-use revolution

Share4start revolutionizes the way to do business and create international presence in China, EU and USA. A new and easiest way to create real international companies presence, through the sharing of local corporate assets in pay-per-use and cutting the cost and time needed.

Why open a new company if you can immediately share real assets "ready to use in pay-per-use" directly on target market? Alberto Fattori (CEO Shanghai Yiduqiao)

You simply need to do your business. For everything else, Share4start allows you to manage your business and activities as a real local company everywhere.

What we do

With us your company can immediately open its direct presence in China, EU, USA and others international markets, without any company incorporation and be able to handle as a local company:

Direct Import & Export - B2B

import/export in FTZ with your product labels, local logistic, warehouse, B2B,authentication & traceability

e-Commerce Sales Activities

activation of your e-Commerce & Mobile Commerce sales and digital distribution channels as a local company

Social Media & Commerce

direct access to Chinese Social Media for marketing, promotion and sales activities as a local company

Local Payments & Invoices

payments & invoices of services and products in local currency (RMB, EUR, USD...) as local company

Open Real Own Shops

your business can open directly own temporary, flagstors, corners or inSHOP as a local company

O2O Sales Activities

manage multi-channel & combined sales on Social Media, Cross-Border, e-Commerce and inSHOP as a local company

Why Share4start is awesome?

to selected company offers the same operations than a new local company setup,but with Share4start no need to open any company in China and International Markets

No incorporation costs

But direct access to real business licenses and assets in China - EU - USA and international markets

Immediate activation

the operations are immediate without any company setup and incorporation activities

Pay-per-Use model

you only pay what you really want to activate and use in your business activities

No cost for staff

Share4start will directly manage all activities. No layoffs and no company closing procedure

No any restriction

the advantage to have the same rights as a local company in terms of activities and benefits

Most advanced platform for internationalization

digital lever & telecommunication, combining with real licenses and channels O2O

All in Pay-per-Use

Share our company pay-per-use revolution

In Share4start you just have to select the country and the activities, functions, channels you want to activate for the development of your business: all in Pay-per-Use.

You only pay what you really want to activate and use in your business activities. Yuan Wei Hong (Managing Partner Shanghai Yiduqiao)

All will be In Pay-per-Use reducing costs and risks in your business activity.

Fully remoted activities

Your company business everywhere

In Share4start all activites are fully remoted by iDESK+, exclusive all-in-one platform that extends your company functions and international activities, thanks telecommunication and digital lever, combining your actions on different markets and channels O2O (Online / Offiline).

Your company now can take and manage business opportunities and activities everywhere in 1-click as well as customs during import & export, virtual shelf & booth without barriers and frontiers. Yuan Wei Hong (Managing Partner Shanghai Yiduqiao)

From videoconference multiuser to the document sharing and co-editing, from customer verification to digital signiture to sign documents directly live. A full and real operation reducing costs and risks in your business activity.

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Share4start:your International world

Your international presence in Pay-for-use

Revolutionizes your global business and create your success on international markets simply sharing the assets and licences in Pay-per-Use.

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Share4start have reached already many targets and missions:

28+ Destination Countries
10+ Digital Commerce Tools
15+ International Customs
1200+ Cups Of Coffee

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